About Us

We support companies in the management of their activities and development projects by providing skills in management, corporate and financial sectors.

In particular, concerning new project ideas and reorganization plans, we support companies in the preliminary evaluation and implementation, helping them to create financial and business plans and identify the best financial instruments provided by national and regional authorities.

We design and implement control and monitoring systems related to company size, complexity and organization, which are also required to the proper fulfilment of obligations established by the Italian “code of the business crisis and insolvency” in terms of adequate organizational structure and business continuity.

Paolo Bottari Dottore Commercialista Revisore Legale

Paolo Bottari


Giuseppe Ciarlone


Giuseppe Ciarlone Dottore Commercialista Revisore Legale

Since we firmly believe in the value of collaboration, we are constantly working on building strategic partnerships between companies – also through the tool of Business Network – and between companies and Universities.

To encourage the creation of highly innovative projects, we coordinate teams of experts with specific skills in Industry 4.0 to satisfy companies needs and requirements.